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AMC definitely deserves a nomination for those last two hours. They were perfect soap!

I'm disappointed in OLTL's submissions. They had so much to go on, and I feel like they chose the wrong material. I guess you could say they're coming out of left field with the Fraternity Row-centered episode, since no one else will have an episode like that submitted. And the episode was damn funny. I hated the other episode they submitted though. I want to see this show go out with a nomination, but I just don't think it deserves one with the submissions they gave.

GH has a nomination in the bag. There is no way they'll be overlooked with those episodes.

I think DAYS has a chance as well. I loved the Brady Pub shootout episode. Nothing serious may have happened, but I thought it was wonderfully directed. If anything, I hope those episodes were submitted for Outstanding Direction.

B&B is turning into GH when it comes to Emmy bait. I think the show is complete shit all year, save from a few tearjerker episodes the writers actually put some time into to submit for the Emmys. Nothing concerning Steffy/Liam/Hope felt Emmy-worthy to me. Nothing. And of course lets bring out the poor people for Stephanie to pity.

There is nothing about Y&R that deserves a nomination.

So, if there are only three nominations, I'm going with AMC, DAYS and GH. If there are four, I'll add OLTL.
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