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I've been re-watching Season Six and it is not as bad as when I first watched it. I think the huge cast turnover really hurt the show, but after watching it again 15 years later it's not as bad.

Lisa Rinna is far and away the MVP of the season. Her and Michael are great together. And I'm totally loving the Taylor/Amanda rivalry in Season 6. My favorite scene was Amanda & Sam waiting at the church for the wedding starts and Taylor barges in...

Taylor, "AMANDA, I brought you something that is old."
Amanda, "Taylor, what is it?"
Taylor, "It's an old wedding picture of me and Kyle."


I'm also not a huge fan of Alyssa Milano, but I really like her as Jennifer. She fits being Michael's sister. I don't care much for Billy, but I like Jennifer & Billy despite it being rushed.

Lexi's rather boring in Season 6, I remember her getting more spunk in Season 7. The whole pill popping thing was lame.

I can't STAND Cooper. Linden Ashby is just awful. His voice is so monotone and has the same expressions. His storyline on wanting revenge on Michael is also lame.

The worst part of the season by far is this Kyle/Christine storyline. Season 6 was actually on track of being a great season until this storyline started and it's just draining the life out of the show.

Overall though, sans this Kyle/Christine, I would actually put Season 6 ahead of Season 5.
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