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Monday: 1.9/2,524,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,594,000
Wednesday: 1.7/2,270,000
Thursday: 1.7/2,222,000
Friday: 1.7/2,271,000

Week of April 16:

Monday April 16:
Daniel tells Hope that it's a good sign that Bo moved his hand.
Hope talks about their life together to a comatose Bo. His eyes flutter open and Hope cries.
Stefano cordons off a section of the town square for a romantic dinner with Kate.
Stefano toys with Kate before viciously kicking her out of his life after explaining he knows she betrayed him.
Kate is devastated to read what's in a letter Stefano hands her. She vows to kill Sami.
EJ confronts Billie after finding her snooping.
Daniel and Billie dine together.
Abe informs Lexi he has gone to great lengths to find specialists to consult on her case.
EJ confides in Lexi about Stefano going behind his back.
EJ learns about Lexi's tumor and is devastated.
Cameron and Abby help out Caroline at the pub. Their attraction develops.

Tuesday April 17:
Stefano takes CW from Kate and gives it to Sami, who is the new CEO.
Sami can't help but gloat to Kate.
Lucas is thrown when Kate reveals Stefano took Hearth and Home away, too. She and Lucas are out of work.
EJ lashes out at Abe before regretting what he put Abe and Lexi through after learning of her brain tumor being inoperable.
EJ is furious that Stefano once again kept him out of the loop concerning Kate and Lucas' job situation.
Bo slips back into a coma but shortly opens his eyes.
Marlena and John discuss how furious she is that John's working with ISA.
Marlena comments that their problems won't go away until Stefano's dead and gone.

Wednesday April 18:
EJ finds Kate locked out of the mansion. He confesses he believes his things are soon to follow.
Stefano confronts Hope and John about the coin they removed from the Anastasia egg. They resist giving it back and he threatens them.
Austin and Carrie run into Rafe and Nic at the pub.
Carrie makes love with Austin but her heart's not in it.
Gabi goes to Will to help her break Chad and Mel up. He refuses.
Will confesses to Gabi that he's gay, after he realizes her inadequacy feelings are caused by believing she couldn't hold Will with sex.
Cameron saves Abby when she chokes on popcorn, putting the two at odds when she claims she was in no real danger.

Thursday April 19:
Kate and EJ band together to confront Stefano. Kate asks for forgiveness but Stefano's done with her.
EJ asks why Stefano is sabotaging his efforts to lead the family. Stefano tells EJ he has failed.
Stefano looks at Alice's letter to him and mutters the shocking truth, that EJ is not his son.
Ian stuns Madi by asking for a divorce.
Ian consoles Kate when she reveals Stefano kicked her out. Ian tries consoling her by telling her he ditched Madi for her.
Madi and Brady reunite and make love.
Gabi blames herself for Will being gay until he explains - that's not how it works.
Gabi's determined to break Chad and Mel up.

Friday April 20:
EJ reassures Sami that her CEO position is real.
EJ confides to Sami that his father has undercut him and gone behind his back.
EJ wants to work with Sami but she can't risk his involvement in CW if it'll upset Stefano.
Sami offers EJ friendship.
EJ admits he wants Nicole back still.
Carrie daydreams about Rafe.
Rafe tries to explain to Carrie about Nicole's pregnancy but Carrie cuts him off.
Lucas remembers Ian from years ago when he joined him and Kate on a ski trip. He fondly recalls Ian helping him ski.
Ian asks Kate, Lucas, Brady and Madi to help him go against Sami and Stefano. He names Kate co-CEO of MadWorld.
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