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Chandler Massey stars in the NBC Daytime soap, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, playing the character of Will Horton. In one of the most talked about storylines at the moment, the character recently came out as gay to Dr. Marlena Evans. Massey briefly told us what it was like to film those scenes:

"I LOVED shooting these scenes. I was always coming to work and playing these scenes with so much conflict, sadness, and pain. I do the scenes and go home, and I would be all stressed out. I'm pissed off and angry, and I go, 'Why am I so angry?' I would do the scenes and get deeper and deeper into it, and finally filming the scenes with Deidre where Will finally said, 'I'm gay,' a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders, as was Will's. It was a rare moment of happiness and joy in a soap."

While it looks to be some tension between Will's parents, fans cannot help but wonder how his relationship with EJ (James Scott) will come into play. Massey clued us in on what we can see in the Sami/Lucas/Will/EJ dynamic:

"As far as Sami goes, there's always a bone to pick with Sami for Will. That doesn't change, and it gets worse when it's time for him to come out to his family. Lucas and Will, on the other hand, never had a whole lot of interaction. Coming up, there are some really nice scenes with Lucas/Will where we finally get to see the father/son bond. With EJ, Will's relationship with him keeps getting more complex and interesting. It's one of my favorite relationships Will has on the show. Will is working for EJ. He learns to think like EJ, and starts to emulate him. It obviously creates conflict when Lucas finds out what Will is getting into."

What's a soap without some type of romance? Could Will be finding a love interest of his own? Massey teased with this popular phrase:

"Stay tuned..."

To download the interview in its entirety with Chandler Massey, click the following link: http://www.buzzworthyradio.net/podcasts/chandlermassey.mp3
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