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Apr 29 2012, 01:26 AM
Yeah, I know that Lucas had a lot of conflicts with Sami and he also had his share of personal problems, but the rewrites that Lucas wasn't around and Rafe or EJ are true fathers to him baffle me. I just don't buy most of Will's scenes with these characters, because I don't understand them.
i know where you come from

i not really consider myself austin fan but if his salem he should have been in will story after lucas austin always been the closet male to will

my major problems with rafe and ej were never been because i lumi fan its because major rewrite they write in order to make their Characters work

when sami was with rafe rewrite stuff with sami past despite rafe consider good i could never even buy the relationship because all the rewrites

and ej his everthing about his character and everthing written in his orbit its major rewrites
i not even chloe fan and i hate the writers wrote how chloe parents does not seem to care
and how abby rewrite stuff about her and jack and ect....

both abby and will grow up on show and they barley soras and the writes try to sell us the never been close th their father despie we saw it diffrently

sami been gymnast its not big deal to deal compare the rewrite and stuff they try sell in last few years
this the biggest problems on show in last few years
the past even they made tiny rewrite now they make big rewrites amd most times they are in order to sell the newest newbie on show
i think my biggest problem i know know too much history of the show i know so many things even simply stuff like dates and birthday date despite i see even fans of the characters birthdays of will lucas sami austin carrie
Billie abby Maggie ej and ect....

its could been way more powerfull for will when johny was missing if they remind the viewers its will birthday that day

i know i know too much histoy compare to other people because how many for exmaple on
lucas first met marlena on 7 may 1993 or john and marlena had sex on plane on 5 february 1993 or Marlena & Eugene's wedding which been 19 april 1984 or Calliope & Eugene's wedding this why so noticeable when they do major rewrites unlike other people i seen people who start watch days around 3 or 2 years ago and beofre lucas and some of them thought rafe is will father until lucas came back this year

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