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Helpless Romantic
Apr 28 2012, 11:30 AM
Apr 28 2012, 11:22 AM
With every interview I realize CM doesn't know his character's history at all. Lackey ignorant Will is not a joy to watch. If it wasn't for him being gay people would be tired of him by now.
I disagree and lets not forget that it was SAMI who brouught EJ into Will's life and it is Sami who has chosen as a grown woman to first turn her back on her family to comply with Dimera demands leaving Will heartbroken over losing said family and now most recently has chosen to work for Stefano. Just to pathetically stick it to Kate while whining to Lucas that mommy and daddy werent there when she was little. All because of Stefano. So if you're going to rag on Will who is 18 the same should been done with Sami who is no longer a teen but a mother of 4 sure not acting like it. Will is Scami's carbon copy, not to mention Lucas worked for Andre too and Will is alot more mature even now than Sami is. I look forward to him giving her a hard time. Payback is a bitch and I'm still not convinced he isn't playing EJ in some way. GO WILL Sami has always put her men above her own son and has no loyalty to her family and would rather accept "gifts" from the Dimera's than to actually TRY To work on her familial relationships. Will HAS shown Sami loyalty. Only a son who really loves his mother would be willing to go to prison for her and cover for her ungratetful ass after shooting a man in the head. Then she goes and sleeps with said man a SECOND time. That Will sees this time and understandably feels betrayed. So I can understand how Wil has reached this point with Sami but again only SHE matters above all else and who she will fuck and then throw away when the next man comes knocking. Will is AWESOME! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
:wub: :hail:

So much THIS!!!

Sami deserves every nasty thing Will does/says to her . She has screwed with his life since before he was even born. Payback is a total bitch and I hope that Will always resents her. and he is delightfully hilarious when he does get his digs in lol... Plus where he was essentially without personality thru his tween/teen years, I think it's wonderful that now that he is technically an adult he isn't taking shit from anyone anymore. Love him. and his gay s/l is just a cherry on the cake for me because CM is a good enough actor to pull it all off. Would rather watch him with anyone than watch the Sami/Rafe/Chad & Melanie show.
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