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Helpless Romantic

Apr 30 2012, 09:28 AM
Apr 29 2012, 01:26 AM
Yeah, I know that Lucas had a lot of conflicts with Sami and he also had his share of personal problems, but the rewrites that Lucas wasn't around and Rafe or EJ are true fathers to him baffle me. I just don't buy most of Will's scenes with these characters, because I don't understand them.
I completely agree and that is why I just hope that at least with Ej, Will is planning to take him down sooner or later.....just like Ej held onto the information he had for years until he could utilize it at the most opportune time, I'm hoping Will is doing the same. If not then it seriously is rather stupid....and I still don't get how he could be so attached to Rafe, he's known him for about two and a half years. Not to say that some of the family arguments he was making in regards to Sami while with Rafe weren't valid but Will has the Sami syndrome, he needs to look in the mirror..if he didn't shoot Ej in 2007, we can argue that HIS family might still be together...not a manufactured one with Rafe.....
Will was a child and still is a child. Sami is not and if Sami didn't get it in her head that she needed to save the Brady's Will wouldn't have felt the need to shoot EJ. Sami chose to walk out on Will's family and in an act of desperation and rebellion he shot EJ. Perfectly understanable for a guy of his age who all he has ever wanted was a family with his parents and when he saw that was a no go got used to the family provided by Rafe who was always good to Will and friendly. So I can see why Will grew to like Rafe. He treated all of Will's siblings and his mother like gold after his real family was taken away. So I understand the admiration and respect btwn Will and Rafe. Will felt again that he mattered and that his opinion did too. Also Sami has NEVER looked in the mirror herself about her treatment of Marlena for YEARS well into adulthood. Continuing even now. So Will doesn't need to look at ANY mirrors if his mother didn't to reflect on her own life and treatment of her parents. Will has been a lot more tame in how he has treated Sami in comparison to how Sami has disrespected Marlena at every turn even AFTER her own infidelity. But at least Marlena LOVED John and didn't excuse what she did and WANTED to tell the truth. So the way Will is acting now is completely justified after everything he has been subjected to in his life because of Sami and her obsessive reactionary tendancies.
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