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Apr 28 2012, 11:22 AM
With every interview I realize CM doesn't know his character's history at all. Lackey ignorant Will is not a joy to watch. If it wasn't for him being gay people would be tired of him by now.

Give me Will with a plan. A man who is loyal to more than just himself, who cares for more than just himself and who is more than just a Dimera bitch!
I completely disagree that CM doesn't know his character at all. Just from this interview, he sounds spot on.

"As far as Sami goes, there's always a bone to pick with Sami for Will." - I think this is true.
"Lucas and Will, on the other hand, never had a whole lot of interaction." - I would agree.
"With EJ, Will's relationship with him keeps getting more complex and interesting." - It does evolve on screen a good bit.

Also, greatly disagree with "If it wasn't for him being gay people would be tired of him by now." There are only two current actors on Days that cross a boundary for me to where their talent as an actor actually transcends their character: Zucker and Massey. There have also been some blip moments from Ashley Benson. At times, I become more interested in their portrayal rather than their story line. If the EJ/Will relationship is one of CM's favorites, then that's perfect because if the actor enjoys it, I think his portrayal will be fantastic.

Will has been loyal to his family. It's just the majority of his family have never put him first. I'd have thought he'd be closer to Carrie and Austin since he lived with them during his teen years. How weird that he lived at Kiriakis' mansion from 1995 to 2007, and has no interaction with Victor. The only thing that I do miss is the on screen depiction of how Kate so fiercely loves Will.

The character of Will has the most connected roots in all of Salem. You have an actor who is outstanding. It'd be nice if DOOL peeps would realize what they have in front of them instead of ultimately being a show centered on Days of Sami Brady. Like my grandmother always said, you plant a tater, you get a tater.
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