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Apr 30 2012, 11:57 PM
On paper, Will has the most roots, but onscreen, his relationships seem very thin to me. He has the same scenes with a very limited amount of characters, again and again, with very little motivation - he hates Sami because she broke up a happy family he seemed to lose interest in about five minutes after this betrayal that was supposedly so terrible, he loves EJ for the exact same thing, et al.

I don't really see a character when I see Will. I see talk about how great Chandler Massey is, and about how Will hates Sami or likes EJ or likes Marlena, but that's more him reacting or Massey giving a performance than any real characterization. It's one of the reasons I can't invest in the character. Hopefully now that MarDar are gone this might improve.

Will should be mad at Sami for throwing him to the wolves when he protected her identity as the shooter!!!

This whole relationship with Ej doesn't make sense to me either. At least if they would make it appear like Will has a crush on EJ then I could understand.

Also, what a little shit he is saying that to Lucas when the man went to jail for him!!!!

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