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May 1 2012, 01:00 AM
May 1 2012, 12:51 AM
^^ I get the sense they are going for a story of EJ seducing Will to the dark side. By giving him gifts and power, EJ is winning him over. But I'm sure Will will eventually pay a price for his evil ways and will blame EJ when that happens. I hope that takes awhile though, as I like the slow build they have going on with this story. Plus, CM and JS have awesome chemistry.
I get that too but it's not like Will is poor. I'm sure if he just asked Kate she would have given those things to him. Prior to this, his character has been very mature for his age. Now that Rafe's not around he falls apart? I truly believe that Will has the potential for darkness. He shot EJ, he has a lot of resentment towards Sami, he lived a part of his teen years raising the kids, he was attracted to Stefano's seduction in 2010 but after the wedding he shut that out. Maybe if Will would have still had a soft spot for Stefano even afterwards.
I think the way they built the Ejill relationship makes it somewhat believable. First, they started with Will being forced to do EJ's bidding because of what EJ had on him. Then, they showed Will seeing how mad the relationship with EJ made Sami, which of course thrilled him. Next, they started in with the gifts - big ones that are likely to turn the head of a 18-year-old young man. Finally, they showed why Will may actually like working for EJ because of the power it gave him. And most important of all, they still show them as being pretty hostile toward toward each other. Will might like the benefit of working for EJ, but they are being careful to not show Will as really liking EJ yet.

Ejill has actually gotten a slower, more step-by-step build than most couples on this show, LOL.

@CarlD2, it feels like MarDar shifted their writing for EJ after the Ejill story began. The steps toward softening up EJ (his sadness over Nicole/their baby, him being nice to Sami, his tears over Lexie's diagnosis, his hurt at Stefano's betrayal) have all come within the last month or so. So, I wouldn't be surprised for him to start showing genuine concern for Will as well (in fact, he already did in the scenes with Marlena). Not sure why the story shifted toward redeeming EJ to some degree, but it seems to be a recent new development.
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