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Bright Eyes
May 4 2012, 07:16 PM
Don't forget Bill. He had one of those, "his body was never found" deaths. I like to think Joseph Gallison's amnesiac character on OLTL was, in fact, Bill Matthews. LoL
LOL Bill's death was dumb to. I guess it was the only way the writers felt they could bring back Missy before sending her to Somerset with little Ricky to "start a new life." But the character of Missy disappeared after only a few months on that show so really it was all a waste.

A few other mistakes I forgot to mention was spinning Iris off to Texas. From what I read it was the only way P&G/NBC could keep Beverlee McKinsey in the fold. But Harding Lemay said McKinsey told him she only did Texas for the money. Couldn't they have gave her the extra money to stay on AW? The show lost alot of viewers when BM left.

And letting Laura Malone go then writing Blaine out a year later. Blaine like Pat Alice and Sally had so much more potential. Blaine was such a classic example of villainess tuned heroine. Like Pat she had so much history and could of been involved in countless more stories.

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