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May 5 2012, 06:16 AM
Well, I can't watch it... but not very happy about a plot about people being dead but not really. Its quite boring. They should at least kept that bit secret.
I don't see how they could really keep it a secret from the audience. We are not going to believe TPTB killed Bo, Hope, John and Marlena in one fell swoop. What I dislike is that Roman and Shane are going to make their loved ones believe everyone is dead and then reveal the secret just a few days later. So we'll have 2-3 days of mourning/anger and then it will all be moot. That has zero dramatic impact, and it makes no sense from a tactical standpoint. Either the truth should be revealed immediately or the people in Salem should have been left in the dark about the safe house gang being alive.

That is just so symptomatic of MarDar's biggest weakness. They have no sense of pacing or how to play out the beats of a story. Things happen and then are so quickly resolved that they either have no dramatic impact or are just nonsensical (or both).
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