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^^WOOOOAH! I never got that vibe!

I do, however, think the President's wife has something going on. Maybe the blackmail, or maybe she's behind the Amanda thing. But she's up to something. That became blatantly obvious to me when she said that vague line about "they're not the only ones willing to go to extremes for you".

Nice backstory on "Huck". Guillermo Diaz was awesome!!! Really made me feel for Huck. (Still not sure, though, what exactly he did to his former black-ops pal. The dude had blood all over him, shaking, quivering, etc. but I don't think they ever alluded or hinted as to what Huck had done to him.)

And as stupid as it sounds, I'm kinda shocked they killed off Amanda. I thought for sure that someone had just kidnapped her, and would hold her for ransom or something.

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