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Also very happy for Eddie Alderson. So well deserved. Same for Chad Duell. That category should go to Massey but I could see Duell taking it. I would like Alderson too but I don't see it.

Hennig should win younger actress easily IMO. Best reel of the bunch. However, I could see a shock with Macinnes Wood winning or even Molly Burnett if the votes end up close. Wouldn't it be ironic if Burnett wins over the more deserving Hennig? It would be a microcosm of what happened to Hennig at Days LOL.

Supporting actor is between Ashford and Jackson and, sadly, Jackson is likely taking it. Anytime that man gets a nod, he wins and he has another strong reel. That category is embarrassing though. Blakemore and Anderson should not be nominated. I will let Thompson slide as he did do strong work.

Supporting actress is pretty much wide open and, most years, it ends up being a shocker. I could see Genie winning even though she doesn't deserve it and shouldn't even be nominated. Actually, IMO most of these women shouldn't be nominated aside from Herbst and Egan. That should be who this is between IMO. I feel bad for Arianne Zucker because she should be nominated based on her work but she didn't pick the best reel. She went more subtle and that hurt her. She needed a tape with more bait to it and she did have quite a few. She just chose wrong.

Lead actor is a crap shoot between Geary and Benard. One of those two will take it. Again, happy for Woods and even McCook, although neither strikes you as ones who should be nominated in lead. Good for Williams too. He did fine work and he is IMO who should win but he won't

Lead actress is wide open as well. To me, this should go to Slezak. For the first time in awhile, she deserves this. Her reel is the best. Now, I liked Chappell last year and liked her reel so if it went to her, I wouldn't mind. it really should and will come down to Slezak and Chappell. I think it could go to Chappell based on the fact she plays the Emmy game well and has so much support now amongst soaps. Morgan and Tom always do good work and Tom is a Emmy favorite so you can't really write them off because either one could win if Chappell and Slezak split the vote. Wright is the only one I see as being completely out of the race. There will be no surprise with her this year.

I think the directing category is perfect. It's interesting that, for once, the writing category matches drama series. Normally, you see one or two nominated for writing that aren't for drama series and then you wonder why they didn't get a drama series nod (especially if they are nominated for both writing and directing). Again, like drama series, I would take Y&R out and put OLTL in and then that would be perfect.

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