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May 9 2012, 11:01 AM
Maybe Burnett was helped by the fact that she'd been nominated before?

What did Hennig do? I mean that seriously, not as an indirect slam on her talent, because it seems like she's been gone forever and I can't remember what she actually did while on the show.

I feel like OLTL was robbed. They played with soap cliches in a loving way and that should have been honored, imho. Are they eligible again next year because their last airdate was in 2012?

And if Days was nominated for deadbabysex that to me shows how meaningless awards are. How can you take one piece of a soap and use it to judge the whole thing? Not to mention that in my opinion those shows featured some of the most strained acting I've ever seen. Everybody was trying SOOOOO hard, all I saw was the effort.

When they nominate soaps for writing/best drama- do they at least read a story outline so they can see how things fit in?

Even though I question the value, I think it's hilarious that most of Days nominated actors are no longer with the show, and neither is the writing team.

I'm glad Ashford got recognized (again though- kinda weird, because his amount of screentime doesn't really rise to the level of supporting, imho, in a genre defined by long-term stories playing out daily).
Hennig's reel was her breakup scenes with Nathan. They were fantastic and she got rave reviews for her performance both from critics and fans.

OLTL would only have 3 weeks or so they could submit next year so I'm not even sure if they'll bother.

The problem with all of these awards shows is that all it comes down to is having 1-2 good episodes both in regards to acting and best series. Same goes for primetime (although they allow 3-4 episodes I believe). You can be a horrible actor or have a horrible show but if you have that one great episode, you can get nominated and win. That is why for years you saw GH, Y&R, and B&B all basically go out of their way once a year to produce 1-2 Emmy bait shows based on what they think the voters like. They know how it works so they don't even have to try hard to win one. They can just produce a good episode or two and that's it. And, no, they don't read story outlines although sometimes you will get a voter that watches some of the other soaps routinely and knows of the other work going on. I know Peter Bergman has commented publicly about other shows and their actors and he's a voter (or at least used to be) so some do have some idea of what is going on.

Matt Ashford, even with the limited airtime he's gotten, still qualities as supporting. I mean, the epitome of a supporting actor is simply that...to support. If he was in lead, that would be a mistake because he didn't come anywhere close to lead airtime, although we've seen that happen time and time again where those who should be supporting based on airtime are lead and vice versa.
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