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I can't believe the pedigrees of some of the stars, I'm crazy about Lena of course, but Allison Williams (Marnie) is Brian Williams (love him) daughter AND Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna) is the daughter of Lindsey Crouse and David Mamet.


Again another great episode. Tho Marnie's boyfriend is a royal douche. You don't read someone else's diary dummy, EVER.

But if you do, maybe talk to them about it. In private.

Also, love Hannah's new pervy boss. Takes sexual harassment to an all new level. At least he asked if she minded all the touching. That was considerate. (I mean, GROSS!)

Adam sexts Hannah a pic of his junk and then tells her it wasn't for HER. Seriously, ROFLAO.

Lastly, "mexican teenager eyebrows" not only sounded funny, it made every scene thereafter even BETTER!

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