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I did not want to get into another show, but since it's on between when I watch The Killing and Game of Thrones I was pulled in.

The actress playing Marnie is so fucking beautiful. It kind of sickens me.

There are so many little things that made me fall in love with the show, like the appreciation for Cheese Strings. I mean, those are fucking delicious.

I think the virgin is my favourite character, which is weird for me, because I hated her on The United States of Tara.

Oh, and Marnie should be happy about the latest developments, her boyfriend is an effing dickweed. Hannah did absolutely nothing wrong and if she's villainized for it, I'll be pissed. Though, I wonder if this will change of her opinion of him as it certainly wasn't boring for him to what he did. But still, what a passive-aggressive asswipe. Point for his body though, I didn't think it would be so nice. But most importantly, his asshole friends needs to die. He's horrible.
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