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May 9 2012, 11:51 PM
Roman decides the best way to eliminate the attraction between Carrie and Rafe is to bring Austin to the safe house. Austin arrives, just as Carrie and Rafe are about to kiss. The two quickly cover, and Austin embraces his wife.

While Austin and Carrie talk alone, Roman confronts Rafe about his near-kiss with Carrie. Roman blasts Rafe for not respecting the couple's marriage and warns him to keep his distance from Carrie. "Rafe is in a tough position," says Galen Gering (Rafe). "Obviously, he and Carrie have these feelings for each other, but Rafe feels conflicted because she is still married to Austin."

Meanwhile, Carrie is on the brink of telling Austin that she wants to end their marriage when Roman barges in, putting an end to the couple's private talk.

Rafe and Carrie finally find themselves alone together again. Neither one wants to hurt Austin, but the couple acknowledge that they must be together.
I can't believe SOD wasted an article on this :puke:

what happened to the great love Carrie had for Austin where she spent the better half of almost 15 years fighting to be with him... where's that Carrie?? MarDar has completely destroyed her and Rafe's characters to the point where I've lost total respect for Rafe and I'm almost there with Carrie and I hate to say that about Carrie because she used to be one of my favorite characters, what we're seeing now is not the real Carrie :shame:

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