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May 10 2012, 06:07 AM
May 10 2012, 01:05 AM
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May 10 2012, 12:14 AM
Did Roman get involved during the Mike/Carrie story? This seems kind of random from him.
I can't remember about Carrie/Mike, if he was even back from the dead at that point or not. But I kind of love that Sami's been in this toxic tango with EJ (a Dimera!) for years and Roman hasn't done much of anything. But for Carrie he's all, "let's bring her husband into this allegedly dangerous situation to stop her flirting."

I had kind of thought he wasn't a huge Austin fan for some reason.
I think Roman was back for Carrie/Mike, although for some reason I just remember him sleeping with Billie around this time. I know Wayne's Roman had issues with Austin.

It just seems to be out of nowhere. I thought Roman was passive in everything.
Roman was never involved in Mike and Carrie's story. And CarlID2 is right, Roman was too busy with Billie or trying to save Sami from going to jail/getting executed to notice Carrie. Marlena, like today, was very involved because she witnessed Carrie/Mikes fourth of July kiss. The only comment I remember Roman had to say about Mike and Carrie's relationship is when he asked Carrie if she really wanted to leave to go to Israel with Mike circa mid-November 1999.

And I love Carrie and Rafe together and enjoy their scenes together. At first I thought their story was really rushed but lately, the pacing of their story seems just right.

I think Carrie and Austin are the most boring soap couple ever although I do think should have had at least a few babies by now.

Why am I drawing a blank about Roman and Billie? When did that happen? So Billie has been with 2 sets of brothers and Roman has been with mother and daughter?
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