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May 10 2012, 03:27 PM
I can't wait for Rafe and Carrie to be OVER. It's been a distasteful story all the way through.

MarDar totally betrayed viewers by not staying true to the characters. I don't buy for a minute that Rafe would have no issues with his marriage dissolving and instead just happily switch sisters. :blink: I also don't believe when written in character that Rafe would so easily break-up family bonds in this way let alone dally with someone married. Carrie has been so cold and heartless stringing Austin along. She has a long hard-won history with this man and she repetitively has shown him no respect. She makes love to Austin and allows him to hope for a family instead of leaving him because Rafe isn't currently available? It's sick. Carrie is a selfish bitch and Rafe is a world class jerk. Way to destroy another set of beloved characters MarDar for a non-romance.

It's too bad MarDar weren't fired sooner. Their dirty mess is entering into the deepest part of the sludge now. The new writers have quite a task cleaning this up.

Amen to all you wrote. I can't wait for the scripts from the new/old writers to begin. As you said, they have a seemingly unsurmountable mess to clean up. August can't come soon enough for me!
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