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May 10 2012, 07:13 PM
Im sorry who in the cast is covering for CC's "bad acting" cause even in this terrible s/l Christie has had some fantastic scenes. I guess we all see things differently, cause I didn't see her after him from day one, I saw her getting closer to him when she and Austin were on opposite sides of John's case. And Carrie cheating on Austin isn't right but until she pulls have the shit Sami has pulled in her life, then Carrie will always be better than Sami to me. Carrie isn't some evil person who plots and goes after others to intentional hurt them. When she drugs someone and has sex with them, when she claims her baby is another mans, and when she blackmails a doctor into telling sister can't have children then we'll talk being worse than Sami
Carrie and Austin moved out of the loft, went to the hotel to make love and yet Carrie couldn't wait to go to the pub where Rafe had mentioned he had a special day planned for his family. She got Austin to go over there even though Austin didn't want to and Rafe and Sami were none too happy to have their time interrupted. They were celebrating being just them together again with the house guest gone! I'd say that is an example of Carrie going after Rafe early on.
Carrie also offered Rafe the job working with her knowing she was already attracted to him. She wanted him near her and didn't concern herself with her marriage or her husbands feelings.
I also think she used any excuse to grab Rafe for a hug. She started that right away, despite Rafe's initial discomfort at her physical display. She even acted very smug when Sami walked in on one of those hugs instead of being embarrassed by the situation like Rafe was.
Carrie wasn't coming off squeaky clean from the beginning.

I think now she is being shown to be intentionally hurtful to Austin. She has been using him in a most cruel manner. Making a big deal out of kissing Austin in the pub in front of Rafe was not an honest action. Telling Austin he is the only man for her and she wants their marriage to work because she is upset with Rafe is a slam. Making unprotected love to Austin as he hopes for a family while she fantasizes about Rafe is nasty.

She may not be at lowest level of 'shit' that Sami has pulled, but she has been treating Austin like shit for quite a long time.

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