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I've always liked Carrie. Never been really invested in who she was involved with in the past. My favorite story was the acid being thrown in her face and the dynamic with Sami hating her just because she is the pettier, smarter, older sister. I wish they had shown that more this time with Sami being jealous that Carrie is a Lawyer and plotting to ruin her career. I could see a spark with Rafe, but they should have had her come back without Austin to set up practice and have her right off confide in Marlena she's feeling unhappy with Austin, have her be attracted to Rafe fight that because he is still happy with Sami at that point and then Austen arrives and is more interested in his work than Carrie and likes the attention from his adoring students. The whole thing is a mess now with Nicole thrown in for added angst.
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