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Viewing Single Post From: 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations

May 11 2012, 06:52 PM
I am hoping the GH men split the vote and Ashford runs away with the emmy for Supporting Actor :)
That would be nice. I can't help feeling it's a bit ridiculous to have all but one of the nominees be from the same show. But there are several other reasons I'll be rooting for MA, long shot though he may be.

1. Despite their underutilizing him and downplaying the PTSD storyline, he made every moment he was onscreen count for something, which to me is the hallmark of an actor.
2. He's overdue for being recognized in this fashion. DAYS tended to get snubbed at Emmy time, when the Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon soaps were all still on the air and reaping most of the critical praise.
3. While by no means decrepit, he's the elder statesman of the nominees, with thirty years of experience in daytime. I would love to see the ageist assholes at NBC get slapped in the face with the fact that craft, talent, and longevity actually matter. That it's not all about washboard abs, and good actors aren't over the hill at 50 or even 40.
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