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May 9 2012, 05:48 PM
What the HELL?

As much as I love Matt Ashford, (and I have a feeling I'm going to be dodging hate posts for this one) I don't think his PSTD acting was that good. *beat* I mean.... he's good, but those scenes were over-acting at its finest.

Yay for Chandler, though. He definitely deserves the win. (Same goes for Shelly Hennig.) So proud of them both!!

...but you wouldn't consider Chandler's big scenes to be overacting?
Matt Ashford's scenes worked so well (IMO) because he was going though a mental illness and its a side of Jack he would NEVER normally let anyone see. I think There was so much more going on in Jack/Matt's head in those scenes and it worked (wish there had been more :( ).
I really liked Chandler, at first. I thought he was just as good as Matt Ashford UNTIL it seemed like he only had one switch. From calm to off-the-chain-mad-as-hell. He's terrific at the ladder, that's a given, but he just doesn't have much range (yet). If he can get there though...he'll be untouchable.
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