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I think its a little unfair that Jonathan Jackson submitted himself as "Supporting." Although GH is the Sonny and Jason show and they are obviously the "Leading Men" Jonathan Jackson had as much air time as any person on the show. Maybe he didn't want to go against Maurice Benard and Tony Geary and I guess that makes sense but he was not a supporting character last year.

I think JJ is deserving of another Emmy...he put in some absolutely heartbreaking work during Jake's death and I definitely won't be mad or upset if he does win (which is almost a given). BUT I am really pulling for Matt Ashford or Jason Thompson. Thompson's reel was very understated and I think he shines in it. Also KMc does a nice job and its always good to have someone in your reel that is putting in great work. I actually think out of the 3 that Matt Ashford's is probably tied for 2nd with Jason Thompson's, but for sentimental reasons I really want MA to win an Emmy. He did great work but for me its more about acknowledging how much he has meant to DAYS and how great and under-appreciated he has been the whole time he's been in daytime.

Really the only thing that would piss me off would be if Bradford Anderson (who I love) or Sean Blakemore (doesn't deserve it) win. I'll have my fingers crossed for Matt though.
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