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Sep 27 2010, 11:46 AM
:hmmph: Meh, had no problem with her being killed off....and for someone so 'feisty', she sure begged like a wuss right before getting killed.

I was a MAJOR Cass and Kathleen fan....when Julie Osburn left Cass was paired with Nicole, another couple that was great and should have gotten more of a chance. But noooooo, we had to get a Luna Moody (OLTL) knockoff and what's worse, C&K's love was decimated so that we could believe that Frankie was Cass' true love? Whatever!

IMO, AW went down the tubes when they broke up Jake and Paulina and paired her with the boringest cop ever, Joe.
I totally agree with you. I loved Cass and Kathleen. The writers seemed to shove Frankie down our throats which failed in my eyes because of the long build up of C & K's relationship. lol I used to have friendly disagreement with my Grandmother about which woman was beter for Cass....so I stuck around long enough for Julie to come back and leave again. After she left I'd watch here and there, but I never fully accepted Cass with any woman besides Kathleen. That could be due to the huge chemistry between SS and JO. :)
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