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The Room Stops
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May 11 2012, 09:39 PM
GCB's cancellation shocks me. I thought it was pretty popular.
It was. I seriously see so much love for this show all over the internet. It just started in Norway, people LOVE it. But the crazy Christians that boycotted it and campaigned against it really did win. Considering their effort, I'm surprised their ratings were as good as they were. They weren't spectacular, but the North American Bible Belt's a powerful thing. And they had a sucky as hell timeslot. 10 PM on a Sunday... no thanks. If there was more sex, I might get it, but I don't.

We're doing a campaign at www.savegcb.com just to let ABC know that we ARE pissed about their decision. It probably won't change anything, but what's the harm in trying? If you'd like to go sign it, please go to savegcb.com.

There's something wrong with a TV world where Two and A Half Men is renewed for a TENTH season, The Bachelor is on number 17 and yet quality actors in a quality show like GCB don't get renewed after ten episodes.

Also, ABC, why the fuck do you hate Kristin Chenoweth? Seriously, first you took Pushing Daisies... now GCB.
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