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Here's the thing...it's not just about singing. You don't even have to sing to be able to give out good advice. And who says whoever is a judge/mentor has to know how to advise the contestants on arrangements and choice of song? Look at the judges/mentors on these shows. Do you really think they honestly do that each and every time? Sure, they have ideas (which they regularly steal from others) but most times the record producers and vocal coaches they have available to the show (who come from the record label affiliated with the show) are the ones who work with the contestants on all that. The judge/mentors then step in and assist with performance and what is left to take care of. Look at Idol. Jimmy Iovine and his producers do most of the work. Over the years, it was Simon and Randy, two record execs, talking arrangements and such. Oh, and Kara Dioguardi too but she's a song-writer. You never saw Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, or Stephen Tyler talk much of arrangements and song choice aside from here and there. I realize Idol and X-Factor are different but I feel my point still stands. I mean, even on The Voice, it's not all on the judges/mentors. They are involved but you have others involved like X-Factor and Idol (musicians, vocal coaches, record producers, etc). Neither Britney nor Demi has to worry about any of that. They just have to bestow on their contestants advice on how to deal with the pressure, business, etc and how to perform and deal with all the fear and issues that may be involved. They both started careers young so they will be very helpful to the younger acts (those under 21) in terms of dealing with the pressure. Last season, we saw so many young acts buckle under the pressure. Britney and Demi can help with that as well as on performance. Demi also can sing. She's not great but she's not horrible. She is one of the few Disney girls I could tolerate whenever my Goddaughter was forcing me to watch that channel when I babysat for her a few years ago. They've both been in the business long enough. They have plenty of qualifications. The way the music business is now, you can't just go by who can sing and who knows how to arrange a song or choose a song. There are plenty of people to help them with that and I'm sure they can come up with ideas on their own too. They both have chosen songs for themselves before and have had to decide what direction to go in on a song. They know enough. I mean, it's not like Paula and Nicole were that far ahead of them. Britney is basically a younger, more unpredictable version of Paula and Demi is a younger version of Nicole only with a better voice IMO. These two can't do any worse and they will at least draw younger viewers, which is clearly what the show needed and what Simon and Fox wanted. They were hurting in demos.

These two weren't my first choice but I'm intrigued and think it will work ratings-wise and interest-wise. This is far more interesting than the panel last year, which to me was relying way too heavily on nostalgia (Simon and Paula) and never fully got off the ground because they had to swap out Cheryl Cole for Nicole almost instantly.
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