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Viewing Single Post From: ABC Fall 2012-2013 Lineup
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ABC are so arrogant, they will destroy themselves with this schedule - their shows aren't strong enough to pull this off. And my favourite shows will be the casualtties no doubt :(

Sunday - Revenge will get crushed by Cable shows - they share the same audience. Families that watch OUAT will not watch Revenge. They most certainly did not watch DH - why would this be different?

666 Park Avenue doesn't appeal to me.

Monday - I suspect Castle will be the initial looser between H50 and Revolution. If Revolution is strong, Castle is toast.

Tuesday - I want to cry. My two best comedies Happy Endings/Apt 23 against New Girl/Mindy Project and against Go On/New Normal. I want to watch 5 out of the 6. I suspect all 6 share a similar audience. All 6 shows will be lowly rated :( Fuck you ABC for doing this.

Wednesday - over it. Thurday - Grey's squashed in between failure either side. Friday - they will do here.

Its like ABC decided to try crush NBC wherever potential for success existed on NBC's schedule. They are not CBS and will end up destroying both ABC and NBC shows leaving awful tv in its wake.

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