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Compared to soaps today, their stuff wasn't bad, but at the time GH was seen as being of high quality, so they were a comedown. I think the biggest mistake was taking Pierce Dorman's murder, a story which had been about the Quartermaines, and turning it into Sonny and Brenda on the run from a man who leaves origami gum wrapper animals behind. They also had a story where Carly, who was pregnant and didn't know which man had fathered her child (this part was started before their material), drugged AJ to keep him quiet about their one night stand, and then dragged him out of her apartment in a laundry cart and made it look like he'd fallen off the wagon. What made this difficult to believe was that she was in the early stages of pregnancy when she dragged a grown, muscular man around to various locales, and yet there was no suggestion of strain on her pregnancy.

They also brought in a lady cop named V as a potential love interest for Jax, and they brought in Lizzie and Sarah Webber, Lizzie the bad and Sarah the good, love interests for Lucky and Nik.

Alexis began a desperate plan to keep Stefan and Katherine apart, to protect the Cassadine legacy.

A lot of the material wasn't really in their hands - the show had set up a Stefan/Katherine pairing, Genie Francis was not returning as Laura for quite a while (which meant Luke had nothing to do), the very popular Lucy Coe had just left for a spinoff, Maurice Benard was leaving and Brenda would be alone, and other stories like Carly being revealed as Bobbie's daughter were being dragged out until Guza came back.

I thought Whitesell's time at OLTL was a lot worse.

With that said, after MarDar, I would just be grateful for someone who can actually tell a story at all.
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