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This week, a heart-to-heart between Jason and Elizabeth on the subject of Sam leads to a consoling hug between the exes, which Molly spies.

According to Rebecca Herbst , Molly - and by extension Sam - needn't worry. "Elizabeth is absolutely just being a friend and nothing more," she asserts. "Of course, they always have this underlying emotion between the two of them because of what they've shared and what they've gone through and what they've lost together, their baby, but Jason is coming to Elizabeth because he needs someone to talk to, and Elizabeth steps up because she will always be there for Jason. But it's strictly friendship."

The actress notes that Elizabeth is, at this point, a "Jasam" supporter. "She has no ill feelings toward Sam or her relationship with Jason. Truly, bottom line, she just wants Jason to be happy. And Sam made him happy. Besides, Elizabeth hasn't been sitting at home for the past five years pining over Jason, wishing he would come back," she scoffs. "She's been trying to get on with her own life."

And that's why Elizabeth voices that he should try to make things work with his expectant wife. "Obviously, he's in a bunch of turmoil over what to do about this baby, but Elizabeth knows that once that baby is born, Jason is going to love that child and that it wouldn't be right for him to turn his back on the baby or Sam. Being the good friend that she is, Elizabeth encourages Jason to mend things with Sam and to be there for her and the baby."

Seeing Jason and Elizabeth together is difficult for Sam, who comes upon them talking as she heads to a Lamaze appointment. "It's totally understandable that Sam would be tweaked by seeing the two of them close together," acknowledges Herbst. "They do share this undeniable, passionate history together. She should be tweaked! But it's unfortunate that she doesn't understand that all Elizabeth is doing is encouraging Jason to work things out with Sam."

And Sam's nerves stand to be more rattled once Molly sees them hug. "I think the whole purpose for Molly witnessing it is that Molly has a big mouth!" chuckles Herbst, who is thrilled to be working more with Steve Burton as this story unfolds. "I've always enjoyed working with him, and I think it's great that the characters are being brought back into each other's lives," she declares. "They have so much history and it's wonderful to revisit it - and I know the fans have wanted it, too."
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