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ABC’s “The Glass House” Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the inside scoop on what to expect from ABC’s New Reality TV Show “The Glass House”. The Glass House is set to première on June 18th, 2012, where 14 contestants will compete in weekly challenges to gain the admiration and votes of the viewing public for the chance to win $250,000.

About “The Glass House”
On the premiere, 14 contestants will enter the house and compete in challenges that America will be deciding what happens in the house. Every week one contestant will be evicted from the house, where the last contestant remaining in the house wins the $250,000.

What choices will America get to make?
The viewing audience will get the opportunity to vote on a number of things that affect the contestants in the house. America will have the power to decide who goes and who stays, in addition to controlling other things such as what the contestants eat, what they wear, where they sleep. Most importantly America will also get the chance to vote to decide who returns to the house after being evicted.

How will a contestant be removed from the house?
Following the loss of a challenge the losing team’s captain and another team member from the losing team that the house votes on will go into “LIMBO”.

What is “LIMBO”?
“LIMBO” is a section of the outside area of the house where the two contestants will go until one of them is permitted to re-enter the house.

How are Team Captains chosen?
The two contestants with the lowest votes from the viewing public will be chosen as the team captains for the week.

How can a contestant return to the house?
The viewing public decides by voting on who they want to return to the house. America has all the power to decide who returns and who doesn’t.

What happens to the contestant that America does not pick to return to the house?
The contestant that is not chosen to return to the house will be eliminated from the game permanently.

How many television episodes will air of “The Glass House”?
The Glass House will air 10 television episodes during the first season of the reality show.

How will I be able to decide what happens in the house?
You will be able to manipulate a number of events in the house through a Live Stream Voting System, Daily Voting and also by picking your favorites in the house.

Live Stream Voting, what is it?
Live Stream Voting allows you the real-time ability to influence the events in the house during the live stream.

Daily Voting, what is it?
Daily Voting will allow the viewing public to vote on a number of events that influence the house throughout the day, including being able to vote on who should return from “LIMBO”. The results of Daily Voting will impact the television episodes.

What is the reason for voting for favorites?
As the viewing public you will be able to vote for as many or on as few of the contestants as you would like to remain in the house. At the conclusion of the voting period, the two contestants with the least amount of votes will become the team captains for that week’s challenges.

How often does the Live Stream occur?
Monday for 4 hours from 8pm to 12am (PST) and again from Tuesday – Thursday at 12pm (PST)

How do I audition to be on “The Glass House”?
ABC casting directors will be doing a nationwide search for “dynamic, competitive, energetic and outgoing individuals with audition held in Los Angeles, Pheonix, Austin, and Boston.
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