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Youthful Essences: For a long stretch of time this sudser wasn't even receiving network notes; now it is, and the overarching sentiment is GO YOUNGER! This doesn't bode well for a recently-returned vet, who could soon be on his or her way out, along with the actress or actor he or she shares the majority of scenes with.

This can't be Jarlena, because it implies only one part of the couple recently returned. I think its Lisa Rinna and Dr Magic Penis. If Dr Magic Penis leaves, I'll do cartwheels, however I think it is Y&R.

Paging Bobby Ewing: The head writer(s) of this soap—which finds itself once again amid backstage turmoil—pitched a storyline that would basically say the last year's worth of story was all a dream. Yeah, because fans loved it so much when Dallas did that!

If it is DAYS, it would have to be timed to the opening of the town square otherwise how do they explain Vivian, Carly, Taylor, Chloe away? Also how does Lexie die?

Actually I think these are all Y&R.

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