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Mrs. H and Mr. B

If Beastsex, TanMan & Melanie, and Chloe being a hooker could be a dream, I'd die. Also, while they're at it, erase it all the way back to Ejole 2.0 where they were having their cat and mouse BEFORE Tayho showed up and ruined Ejole and we had to deal with that Ejaylor Crap. Ejole 2.0 started so hot and they ruined it. I really don't like EJ being the stupid Mayor anyway. Then they could just bring Jarlena to town and none of this John mess would have happened and since Caustin are leaving the show, they won't be there so that works too so they're off happily married somewhere. Then they can bring Lucas to town and a slow building Rafe/Sami/Lumi triangle can be brewing the right way. Best of all EJ and Sami still hate each other's guts and I won't have to see them day after day on my screen.
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