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1. I think it's Y&R. They hardly ever get notes from the network, as far as we know. And it does seem like they're gearing up to beef up the younger characters. The same could also be said about B&B though.

2. I could see this one being Y&R too. Has Melody Thomas Scott spoke out about certain storylines? Sharon Case has as well, especially the Victor and Sharon pairing. She's pulling for her fans to protest and call in and tell them they disapprove. If we start seeing less Sharon, we know for sure.

3. Has to be DAYS. At first, I didn't care about going back and acting like the last year was a dream until I realized what was going on this time last year. I don't want to see any of those character still there. I want John and Marlena to remain on the show. The other returns, I don't care. I also want Will to remain gay. If those two things can still be in place, then I don't care about the dream angle.

4. Seems like Y&R again. Nothing on that show can be planned. It just doesn't seem like it. And the part about a long-term storyline not being planned in years would make sense since the last time the show had anything decent, storyline-wise, was back in 2009.

5. I can't see this being Reeves and Ashford. If so, who would Reeves be pushing to return? The only person that comes to mind is Billy Warlock, and I'm pretty sure Warlock and Reeves were both opposed to Jennifer and Frankie reuniting back in 2005/2006. Again, I think this one goes to Y&R with Victor and Nikki.

6. I could totally see this being Bernard, upset over the attention Easton's getting.

7. I'm thinking GH for this one as well. I heard rumblings they wanted to bring Lucas back, but those plans seemed to have fallen through, for whatever reasons.
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