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Here are my educated guesses...

"Youthful Essences: For a long stretch of time this sudser wasn't even receiving network notes; now it is, and the overarching sentiment is GO YOUNGER! This doesn't bode well for a recently-returned vet, who could soon be on his or her way out, along with the actress or actor he or she shares the majority of scenes with."

This could apply to Y&R because Genie Francis just told Michael Fairman that they are going younger for the summer. But I do think this is DAYS. NBC hasn't been involved for quite a while and now we have heard from nearly everyone giving interviews that the execs are taking over and interfering with the writers and Corday's ideas. SO my best guess is DAYS. I think this refers to Lisa Rinna being OUT and Shawn Christian being the person she shares the majority of her scenes with. The writing was on the wall for Lisa Rinna when Patrick Muldoon was fired. Its already obvious that she didn't bump the ratings, which I can't believe they really expected to happen. The only other person it could be would be Bryan Dattilo and Sami isn't going anywhere so I think this can't apply to him. It can't apply to Jarlena because they both came back and this implies that one person was newly returned and one wasn't.

"Backburnered as Punishment: This soap's showrunners could care less how popular a certain actor or actress is. The thesp-in-question is reportedly being backburnered as punishment for speaking out. Way to put the soap first, vengeful execs!"

This is 100% Y&R because they are all speaking out over there. I think its probably Michael Muhney, but I have heard that Sharon Case has been making it known that she isn't happy. My guess is Muhney.

"Paging Bobby Ewing: The head writer(s) of this soap—which finds itself once again amid backstage turmoil—pitched a storyline that would basically say the last year's worth of story was all a dream. Yeah, because fans loved it so much when Dallas did that!"

DAYS - Duh. The only show with backstage turmoil right now. GH and B&B are as solid as it gets. Y&R has an idiot showrunner, but she isn't in jeopardy of losing her job so it has to be DAYS. Glad it was rejected.

"Making It Up Along The Way: This scribe hasn't written a long story in years. He or she makes arcs up week to week!"

My guess here is Y&R. DAYS just got new writers so this couldn't be a known fact about them. Carlivati has documented the process that he goes through in great detail numerous times so it isn't him. I don't watch B&B, but I know their writing is usually very solid, so my guess again is Y&R. MAB is a dumbass.

"I Hate You, But I Have to Pretend I Love You: Fans wondering why their favorite couples have been separated for lengthy arcs on this soap would be shocked to know that the actors who play the characters simply cannot stand one another. Sure, there's been feuds and gripes before, but the bickering has reached the point of no return. One half of one supercouple has even begun lobbying for the return to the soap of a former screen partner, whom he or she also created soap magic with."

This is the most difficult one for me. Its tough to say. A few people come to mind, but I always talk myself out of it. I do NOT think its Matt Ashford and Melissa Reeves. He is FIRED so it doesn't make any sense now to list this as a blind item. He's gone. To me this implies that both people are still on their show. Plus Jennifer has no one to bring back besides Frankie and I just don't see it. I saw on the DC comments section that someone was convinced it was Deidre and Drake. I don't believe this to be true, but Deidre did comment on Wayne Northrop at the Paley Center thing. I found that a little surprising, but nah I don't think its them. People always want to throw Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell out there when this comes up, but they are ALWAYS in scenes together and the only time they weren't was when Reckell had to take a vacation because he aired so much again. I don't watch B&B so I don't know anything about what's going on there. I would possibly think Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco, but they both have possible love interests on screen already and don't have anyone really special to bring back. I keep going back to Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden. That's my final guess. They are obviously the money couple on Y&R, even at their age they are THE couple on that show and they were together for like 5 minutes and not. I don't know who they would bring back in that situation either but there's a ton of options.

"Jealous, Much? : This soap lead, who has driven story for the better part of a decade, is seeing green over a popular newcomer."

I can see why people are saying Maurice Benard, but really? He was lobbying hard for even MORE OLTL people to come to GH and help save the show. I really don't think its him. He even gave that Entertainment Tonight or whatever it was TV interview saying that the ABC shows should have been crossing over for years now and how brilliant it was. Plus Michael Easton's interview with Michael Logan made it seem like MB and ME loved working together. Steve Burton is a major possibility here, IMO. McBain has kinda taken over the SuperJase role here and Jason is kinda just a guy now. I don't watch B&B, but I could see someone being angry about Chappell, she does overshadow a lot of people wherever she ends up. Y&R has been a revolving door of "Who's Who In Soaps" for years now so I don't think anyone there would get jealous of any newcomer. Its just how it works over there.

"No Gay Today: A plan for this serial to attempt another gay story—to make up for the botched last try—was nixed before it ever reached the network level."

Obviously GH or Y&R. DAYS and B&B both have multiple gay characters now.

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