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May 20 2012, 01:09 PM
May 20 2012, 12:49 PM
May 20 2012, 12:31 PM
dc cubs
May 20 2012, 11:19 AM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
I dont agree about Jarlena.. They said "VET" not VETS, That imples its a vet working with someone lesss known..Also, Days has plenty of youth to work with, So it could be Y&R or B&B.. or even GH.. They have NEVER focused on their youth..

I believe the Fan Fav couples one is Days.. Probably Caustin, Meaning CC likely wants A Peck Back..
Or J&J .. meaning MR wants Mike or Frankie back.. Some of the Vets are only "Half gone" And some are rumored to return.. I seriously doubt Jarlena would put up any fuss about working together They have spoken about how THRILLED they re to be back working together, and both jno that most of the FB would only accept them together so they are a package deal..

Also the jealous Lead... I def believe it is, or could be GG upset about the return of BD.
Or it could be Steve B upset about Mike Easton.

I only watch 2 soaps .. so im not as famliar with the others .. But these are MY opinions

They would explan why only 1 half of a couple, a return of one and not the other makes sense..
I also thnk the whole dream stuff is likely DOOL, Fans may not love it .. but it might be te only thing that makes sense. and many DOOL fans have BEGGED for it !!!!!.. I see no other way to fix the crap we have seen.. Make it a dream and undo all the damage to History, but find a way to write in the new stuff and characters that work.

The punishment backburning could be *ANYONE**
The punishment backburning sounds like MM from Y&R

The dream I would say is Days for sure.

Youth has to be about Days...we've heard it already no?

The supercouple thing could be J&J but would DC still put that up after MA was let go? I guess it could be CC too, but she's also gone....would she have lobbied for Mike HOrton to return? or Peck as you suggested. It could also pertain to someone at Y&R or GH

I don't think the jealousy one has anything to do with Days unless it pertains to AS being jealous of CM's popularity. I don't see GG leading story for a decade on Days, he hasn't even been there 4 years, I'm willing to think this one has to do with GH.
Your right about GG I actually edited that, But it could be BD about GG.. or even JS .. But I doubt that its a Dool hint.. GH is taking on LOTS of OLTL'rs So its more likely them .. or from pne of the other soaps I dont watch..

But I firmly believe the whole unhappy Vet thing who hates costar is either J&J or Caustin ,, But who knows Caustin seem chummy, But I def see the whole J&J.. especially how she has acted.. It has to be someone who had a steamy alternate co-star
JS and GG are hardly newcomers so no way its one of them

the only newcomer from days if could fit its CM
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