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No Gay Today: A plan for this serial to attempt another gay story to make up for the botched last try was nixed before it ever reached the network level.

I joined solely so that I could express my opinion on this one and there is not a doubt in my been-watching-soap-operas-for-30+ years mind that this one goes to General Hospital.

In early 2006, GH hired Days of Our Lives star Drake Hogestyn's son Ben to play the role of Lucas Jones, who would be the first major GH character to come out of the closet. Because I was having a hate/hate relationship with the show around this time, I probably tuned in twice a week at most but remember them doing the most despicable gay storyline in history (yes, even worse than what Chuck Pratt did to All My Children). I remember Lucas being set up with a guy named Guy Tucker by his cousin Georgie while his family was coming to terms with his announcement that he was gay. I even vaguely remember a week or two of him being bullied. And then that was it. Lucas was gone so was Guy and of course Georgie met her maker about a year later.

Because the press hyped this one to the high heavens and because the soap made an excellent choice in casting Hogestyn, I feel the show looks back on this particular period in embarassment because they had all their ducks in a row but obviously succumbed to pressure to nix what they had done up to that point.

And because GH is now being helmed by Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, the same two fellas that turned One Life to Live into something that LOGO would kill to have on their schedule just three short years ago leads me to believe that ABC nixed their plans to bring this character back. Right now ABC does not want these guys doing anything that would alienate viewers and sadly a gay youth in search of love would do that.

I don't see it being Young and the Restless. Adam pulled Rafe into a brief blink-and-you-missed-it peck and that was it. That doesn't warrant a "botched gay storyline" because nothing was built up and to the best of my memory, Rafe never had a life, let alone a love life, outside of being an attorney.
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