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After all... tomorrow is another day!


I was actually not expecting her to let the guy who killed her father go and I liked where they went with her vulnerability and sentimentality about her dad not letting her be the ruthless killer, as much as that may have seemed like a cop out or not to totally make sense.

Everything else about the finale came across super predictable to me, but I still loved it.

Loved Charlotte's world crashing down and suicide attempt. Can't wait to see Emily react to this.

Loved Fauxmanda's return coming in the way of Jack and Emily at the same time I am so so so glad about Emily and Daniel breaking up and Emily having decided to go after Jack. Love Daniel getting more ruthless too.

Loved Victoria coming by to celebrate Emily and Daniel's breakup and the empty gift was a nice touch.

I knew when Conrad went to try to stop Victoria and there was that picture burning in the fire of Vic and Lydia that the plane was in for trouble. Bitch better have her death just faked though.

Very excited for Season 2.
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