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The Room Stops
May 24 2012, 05:11 AM
Sorry, but I loved it. Nolan/Emily remain beautiful together. Daniel can still be redeemed. Jack needs to die, but at least there's no Jack/Emily coupledom yet. Fauxmanda's preggers, nice touch. And I like that Emily didn't kill white haired dude... gives her a more human side.

Victoria better not be dead! I hope (and think) that Victoria faked her death so Conrad would think she's dead, that Charlotte dies and Lydia too.

Yes. My sentiments exactly. I laughed out loud when FauxManda came out with her bulging belly. Good. She can keep the troll Jack or kill him. Either suits me. I don't think Daniel is a lost cause. I predict he and Emily will get married. And buh bye Lydia. Your exit is the second best to seeing you bounce off the Buick. Stay dead this time.

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