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May 29 2012, 09:20 PM
I think Shelley Hennig's is the best but it isn't the best in such a huge way that I would throw a bitch fit if Christel Khalil won. If Molly Burnett wins it will be a joke. I believe Khalil is probably the favorite because Y&R didn't get shit for the Lead categories and I can't see them being swept out of the awards. Her reel is very good. I just think Shelley Hennig is the perfect reel. Plus her being on a primetime show at the time the voting took place could only help her. This should be a tight 2 person race, IMO.
Since the day Shelley Hennig's scenes aired back on January 10, 2011 I said now that is an Emmy Award Winning performance, and I have been hoping for that for over a year now. Since the whole pre-nomination process started I have heard that Shelley has stiff competition for Christel Khalil, but I have not scene her episode so I can't really comment on which one is better. What has me worried and quite frankly shocked is that there is a website called Golden Derby where six or seven soap experts not only make predictions on who they think will when, but also rank the actresses in order of their likelihood of wining. Well only one expect Jamey Giddey predicted that she would win, and the majority have Shelley ranked in last place. The majority of them ranked them like this 1) Christel Khalil, 2) Jacqueline Maccines-Woods, 3) Molly Burnett, and 4) Shelley Hennig. I was stunned when I saw this I really thought she had a legitimate shot at winning, but according to the experts she is the least likely to win. I haven't seen Christel and Jacqueline's tapes, but I have seen Molly Burnett's and Shelley's is way above hers. Now what I am wondering if they are making their predicting based on the episodes the actresses submitted, or their whole body of work last year, because if they are going based on reels I can tell you even without seeing Christel and Jacqueline's tapes Shelley is in no way in last place at the very least she is in third.
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