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I am by no means a Lanie fan (I don't even know if that is the correct fan name given to Lily and Cane), yet I don't see Christel Khalil losing this year. This will be her fourth nomination and I know she only has a year or two left to be eligible in this category.

Even though this is his second nod, I don't think Chandler Massey has this one in the bag. The Emmy panel is kinda stubborn when handing out trophies to daytime's young gay "pioneers."

It took All My Children's Eden Riegel four nominations before they finally gave her the Outstanding Younger Actress prize and poor Van Hansis -- 10x more talented than Massey -- was nominated twice for Younger Actor and never took home the prize on As the World Turns, which usually fared very well at the Emmys. Chad Duell has paid his dues, so to speak, and will more than likely win in the Younger Actor pavilion.
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And LOL at "Chad Duell paying his dues"...are you freaking kidding me with that statement?

Khalil's tape is not the best of the bunch, but she will probably win becaus she is "due".
Who's tape do you think is the best of the bunch in the Younger Actress Category. I really want Shelley Hennig to win, but I have not seen any of the other tapes except Molly Burnett (which in my opinion was nothing special). Do you think Shelley Hennig has a chance at winning.
I have watched all the tapes and all 4 tapes are arguably good.

My DAYS bias aside...I was most impressed with Hennig tape...I would rank her number one.

Khalil's tape that got her the pre-nomination was much better IMO than the one she has submitted for nomination/winning contention....I think she made a misstep there.

Molly Burnett's first tape was HORRID, but she switched it for a MUCH strong tape...in fact, I think it improved her odds of winning by a huge margin.

If I had to rank

1.) Shelley Hennig
2.) Christel Khalil
3.) Molly Burnett
4.) Jaqeline McInnis Woods

As for the exper predictions, those are not just based on the tapes, a lot of those predictions are based on "due" factor and what shows they are from. DAYS hardly EVER wins acting emmy's, so naturally they SHOULD be ranked probably last, regardless of actual material submitted.

For Hennig to be nominated speaks volumes IMO, because she was barely on the show in 2011 and did not really make a huge huge impact on the show during her time there...so I think her nomination is because her tape was very impressive.

I feel like Khalil will win though only because she has been nominated so many times before and because she actually did submit good material this year....albeit not the best material of the 4, but good enough material to backup a win after 4 or 5 failed attempts.

I hope I am wrong though, because the best tape should win the Emmy, and if that is the case than Hennig would be the one making the acceptance speech.
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