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I'm torn on a Knots Landing continuation/reboot. I think it's easier for a show like Dallas where you can just focus on the next generation (i.e., John Ross and Christopher) and have the old guard (J.R., Bobby, Sue Ellen, etc) supporting those stories. On a show about neighbors living in a cul-de-sac, I think it might be trickier. Where would the focus be? Mack, Karen, Gary and Val would presumably all still be living on Seaview Circle, but at their ages, how much could you do with them? They have kids, but obviously they wouldn't still be living in the cul-de-sac with their parents. You could focus on completely new (thirty/fortysomething-aged) characters/neighbors living in, for instance, Laura, Abby and the Wards' old homes with the MacKenzies and Ewings making occasional appearances, but how many people looking for a true continuation of the old Knots Landing would that satisfy? I would watch any variation of those ideas, but I don't know how successful it would be. The format for the new Dallas is much more obvious than I think it would be for a new Knots Landing.

I think about this kind of stuff way too much, LoL.
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