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Yes, that's what was sort of in my head too. I've seen it brought up in discussion before and since you're a big fan I thought I would ask your input. I probably wouldn't be satisfied with the second idea. I think the show would need Karen, Val, Gary, and Mack around on a routine basis (how awesome would it be if Julie Harris popped up in an episode or two?), but as you said because of their age the show would have to be centered around their children. Betsy, Bobby, and Meg being the obvious central players. Obviously, they could bring on other characters for them to interact and form relationships with. Nicollette Sheridan would also be a big grab for the show and she's already said she would participate if anything did come up. So, we now have: Karen, Val, Gary, Mack, Paige, Bobby, Betsy, Meg, and potentially others. Lol. Maybe they could have Gary and Val back on the ranch and one of the kids still living on the cul-de-sac? Clearly, I don't have all the details worked out but a lot of people have had some good ideas on some other boards devoted to these four shows.

I do think we'll see other resurfaces of the 1980's soap operas if Dallas is successful, particularly Dynasty, which would probably also work in the same format that Dallas is trying out now. Alexis and Krystle being the older generation; Sammy Jo, Steven, Fallon, and Adam being the middle generation; and then Lauren, L.B., and Danny being the younger generation. You don't particularly strike me as a Dynasty fan though. Lol. I loved the early years of the show, but once Pamela Sue Martin left the show began to suck.
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