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The best tape does not win. It never has been that way. That's the way it should be but "best" is subjective. I'm sure there's been 10-12 times where almost all of us could agree that someone's tape was epic and probably deserved it more than the rest but that's still a small portion. Everyone has different tastes. The voters also have friends and some of them just have respect. Erika Slezak's tape is very good and could win in most years but I don't think she has the best reel. I can say that I'm honestly pulling for her. So its a double-edged sword. I'm pulling for Shelley and I think her tape is best but some people might want to give it to Christel Khalil because she's on the much bigger show and has been nominated in this category like 500 times now. Plus her tape is strong, just not as strong. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. If ES gets the sentimental Emmy you won't hear a peep out of my mouth, I'll be celebrating like crazy. The only thing that bothers me is when someone TOTALLY undeserving wins, but again that is usually subjective. There's no better way to do these awards so I can't really complain. I don't think actors should ever get to vote though. There should really be a "soap press" but this should have been done decades ago when the genre was huge. Now I can only think of maybe 5 or 6 people. Michael Logan, Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Michael Fairman, Roger Newcomb, Damon Jacobs and a few others. No one currently on a soap should ever be able to vote, it isn't fair and it can't be fair.
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