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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Repeat repeat, repeat.... Ridge presents Brooke with yet another ring ornament professing his never ending love for her and makes it into a scavenger hunt style search. Remember back years ago when Ridge took Taylor on a treasure hunt in St. Thomas to find her ring and propose? It appears KKL wanted the same thing since this is supposed to be the last time Ridge and Brooke get married, but this time it's in an old tree. Please, Brad Bell make this the final wedding for these two. How many times can these two get married. BORING!!!!!!....Could it be Brooke wants to wipe out all memories of Tridge??......But things are not what they seem (geez no surprise there) Deacon sticks around and since it's been made clear that Sean Kanan may not last long because of hard feelings with one certain actor/actress Sean is hoping fans will make a difference and cause Brad to keep him on longer. He's been wanting to come home as he calls it for a very long time......Heather Tom's real life pregnancy has put a damper on any triangle between her, Steffy and Bill. Had the lovely Heather Tom not become pregnant in real life, a return to the triangle was on its way. Once Heather told Brad she was NOT going to be hiding her belly behind purses or be written into the background, Brad decided to write the pregnancy into the story and go for his Emmy using one of the oldest heart-tuggers in the soap world, a difficult pregnancy that may cost the life of the mother. Hey, it worked for Taylor, right, so why not Katie?...Again another repeat style story, me thinks Brad is loosing it........Caroline, Thomas and Rick get into a hot and heavy triangle coming up and Momma Danny is going to take an instant dislike to Rick, bringing Brooke and Danny in the same orbit. Heaven help us! Crystal Chappell better look out, most everyone who goes up against 'Brooke' ends up on the back burner quickly.

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: Emmy winner Jeff Branson is on his way back to Genoa City, he was last seen in February, when Ronan left town on a secret assignment. The show is not commenting on the length of his stay, but his first airdate is set for June 26. Some are wondering if will they pair Branson with Jennifer Landon as nuHeather?.... Victoria will have an impact on Victor and make him think twice about his relationship with Sharon ( the feedback from fans have changed the outcome of this couple).......Ricky is determined to destroy Phyllis and someone from her past causes trouble for her. Ricky finds Dr. Tim and tells him he is writing a book on Phyllis, that's when Dr. Tim lets loose about how Phyllis ruined his career and proceeds to tell Ricky all the dirt he can on Phyllis. But what Dr Tim doesn't know is that Phyllis was the one who ran over Christine and Paul.......Chris and Danny have sex? Is sex always the answer in soaps? Excuse me but these two haven't seen one another in years and as far as we know, have not been in one another's lives. And what is the first thing they do when they see each other.... have sex?....Genevieve makes a decision, if she wants to be the mother that Cane wants, it will mean a huge sacrifice to help Cane that will change her life....Heather receives a job offer that will bring her back to GC. Heather returns at Michaelís request and Michael returns Heather to the position of Assistant District Attorney, which Lauren doesn't like and puts her family too much in the public eye.

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