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Dallas is one of my all-time favorite shows. I could watch the first 5-6 seasons over and over and over. When I start to lose interest is after Jock's Will is read. IMO, the show was never the same after his death. I didn't mind The Dream Season and I loved that Bobby was coming back, no matter how they worked it. But once it was known that Victoria Principal was leaving, it took all the air out of the following season. I did enjoy the J.R./Cally interaction in later seasons but I agree with Mason, most of the rest of it was terrible.

Oh, and no matter how much I tried to hate Jenna Wade (being a huge Bobby/Pam fan), I just couldn't hate Priscilla Presley's version. She was just so soft-spoken and lovely...damn her LOL! But it pissed me off that they totally rushed Bobby and Pam's reunion and then he was squashed by that nutty sister.
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