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Oh yeah, "The Contest" (not to be confused with the great Seinfeld one LOL).
I began rewatching all the episodes the past few months and that's were my mind starts to wander...or maybe it's just too much Ray and Donna ;) OR Clayton and Ms Ellie??

I do see your point with Morgan Fairchild's version over Pricilla's. She was different and not sweet at all. They totally redid the character when they hired PP, which wasn't for the best IMO. They needed Jenna to be evilish. I guess I just took a liking to her because of the actress, I don't know if we were supposed to or not?? ...until she hooked up with Ray Krebbs, of course ZZzzzzzz.

btw, I totally skipped over the eps with the middle, unknown actress, Jenna...I'll have to go back and watch them one of these days.
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