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May 31 2012, 11:22 AM
I do see your point with Morgan Fairchild's version over Pricilla's. She was different and not sweet at all. They totally redid the character when they hired PP, which wasn't for the best IMO. They needed Jenna to be evilish. I guess I just took a liking to her because of the actress, I don't know if we were supposed to or not??
I think we were supposed to like Jenna but still root for Bobby and Pam to be together. IMO, Jenna should have been neither a heroine nor a vixen, but more of a bitchy, spitfirey 'grey' character, neither completely good nor completely bad. And I feel like Presley's vanilla portrayal of Jenna bore no resemblance to the wild child back story the show established for the character (and which they continued to do even while Presley was in the role). Only Fairchild's edgier portrayal gelled with the character's pre-1978 history and with what the character should have been.
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