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Season 5 was atrocious at times. I felt the show had way too many characters and far too much going on. Alison, Jake and Sydney were all barely written for. I never felt as invested as I wanted to be in the Jake/Alison romance. Jane going nutso then finding her birth mother weren't bad stories, but the birth mother saga was kind of annoying. Jane was always dismissive of Sydney whenever she felt like she didn't 'need' Syd in her life. So I wasn't so put off by that, though I was pretty ready for Jane to exit for a while by this point. Her character had been exhausted, IMO.

Heather Locklear was always fabulous as Amanda, however, the victimization of Amanda started in Season 5 and continued through Season 6. I'm just glad by Season 7 that Amanda got her balls back. I despised the writing for Amanda in Season 5 and 6, though yes, Locklear still brought it. I just never bought Amanda as a weepy victim, though I realize the writers probably wanted to move Amanda away from bullying people and calling all of the shots, so I can see why maybe they decided to do something different with Amanda.

I also really despise how boring they made Sydney and Kimberly, and then both were killed off. I wish Laura Leighton never left. She was so good. Losing so many characters and cast members in Season 5 REALLY damaged the show. Season 6 was so rough. Season 7 seemed to find a nice balance, too bad the show was so damn expensive and bleeding ratings, IMO, it could have gone on longer.
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